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Hackney – MInibus Hire with Driver 

The role of the driver is grossly underestimated, when it comes to hiring a minibus. 
The driver is the ‘captain of the ship,’ responsible for navigating the coach through thick and thin. Good driving skills are a basic requirement, but the driver also needs several other skills and traits. Check for the following factors and qualities in the driver, before deciding on a minibus hire in Hackney.  
Good driving skills and experience alone do not make a good driver It is important the driver has experience and expertise handling similar or comparable vehicle. For instance, a driver who has many years of experience driving a 12 seater minibus would still be a novice, and at sea, if he is handling a 72 seater double decker coach for the first time. 
The driver needs to be aware of the roads, local places, traffic regulations in place, and other information essential for driving well, and driving safe. Also, the driver needs experience and expertise driving under various traffic and climatic conditions.  
The driver requires presence of mind to take prompt decisions, on the spot. For instance, it is the intelligence and the quick action from the driver that may avert accidents, or make him take a pre-emptive diversion that would avoid the coach being struck in traffic for long hours. 
The driver should be resourceful enough and level headed to handle any emergencies. Whether it is any passenger developing some medical issues, the vehicle developing an unexpected snag, or anything else, the onus is on the driver to react calmly, take stock of the situation, and do the best course of action. For instance, if the vehicle develops a puncture, the driver should not panic, and need to calmly navigate the coach to the nearest emergency bay, and seek help promptly. 
The best driver is a friend and a guide for the passenger under his responsibility. The driver is the best customer support agent, and the representative of the coach hire company. 
When you opt for Hackney minibus hire services, you get the services of a driver, who score full marks, on all these parameters. All our drivers are skilled in driving similar vehicles, with many years of experience under their belt. We handpick locals, who are familiar with all the local areas, and the best routes to get there. Our drivers instantly know which routes to take, at which time of the day, without wasting time, taking an overcrowded route, or waiting for instructions, or seeking directions. We train our drivers thoroughly on the latest traffic rules, safety considerations, and also on customer care. Our drivers always rise to the occasion, and ensure you have the best experience inside our coaches. 
Our Hackney minibus hire with driver services are ably supported by our equally dedicated and committed customer support team, who undertakes all background coordination works, and offer all inputs required for a smooth trip. For instance, our customer support team monitors the latest traffic updates, and communicates the same to our drivers, who then know which routes to take, or which routes to avoid.  
We offer the best coaches, along with the best drivers and the best support staff, to go along with our highly skilled and professional drivers, and all this at the lowest rates in town. It is not for a reason that we are ranked as the number one coach hire operators in Hackney, and our services are in constant demand. Fill up the online booking form, or contact customer support now to book your Hackney coach hire. We operate round the clock, and are always ready to take care of any special requirements you may have.